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Why Choose Alex Stewart Painting for Your Next Home or Business Project?

Have you ever walked into a home, office space, or other building and were simply intrigued by the magnificent colors and line work you saw on the wall? Did you wonder how they did such an impeccable job? If that work inspired you to paint your home or office and your only wish is for it to look as good, if not better, than what you saw, then Alex Stewart Painting is the company you want to hire for the job.

Alex Stewart Painting has helped many business owners and even homeowners overcome many of the challenges associated with turning the appearance of their property into something one can only dream of and we can help you too. If you’d like an estimate to find out how much your painting project is going to cost, don’t hesitate to contact Alex Stewart Painting and we would be happy to quote you with a reasonable price. Whether you have one room or four, a large commercial property, or several units in an apartment building that are in need of being painted, contact us today so we can begin working with you and planning on how we will make the vision you have come to life.

Meet Our Team

Our team is headed by Alex Stewart and his son Charles. Together they have over 40 years of roofing experience between them. Accompanying them on their jobs is an additional team of contractors and roofers.

Alex Stewart
Alex StewartOwner
Alex is the founder of Alex Stewart Painting he is the 3rd generation roofer and painter in his family. He treats everyone like family and has made this a family business for his and following generations to follow. He will be there whenever you need him and prides himself on his reviews and customers happiness.
Charles Stewart
Charles StewartCreative Director
Charles, Alex’s son is now the 4th generation of roofers and painters in the family. He is following in his father’s footsteps and keeping his vision alive. Charles is bringing the new age and the past ways together to be able to create better methods and newer, faster ways to bring Alex Stewart Roofing to the top!

Recent Works

Check out some of the awesome painting projects we’ve headed and been a part of!


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“I will hire them again and recommend them to family thanks Alex Stewart Painting”


“Great work They was on time and very responsive and great price they took good care of my roof. I will hire them again and recommend them to family thanks Alex Stewart Painting”


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We only use the top rated most trusted brands of quality paint!

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